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2013 Nov, 18th

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The Calendar Assistant creates GeoWrite calendars for any year you like. The both 12 pages long templates are a photo calendar and a families schedule. The photo calendar can be extended with sticked photos, GIF pictures or phrases and is for example a nice gift for Christmas. The families schedule offers you 5 columns, where up to 5 family members can parallel organize schedules. You can enter the family member names into the software.

You even can create your own templates with GeoDraw and GeoWrite, using keywords in text elements. Send me your templates and I extend my program by further items for selection.

The Calendar sssistant can be used with GEOS 2, 3 and 4.

Download and installation

Extract the following file into a temporary directory and use Rainer Bettstellers Universal Installer to install it.

Calendar Assistant 1.1 (CALENDAR.ZIP (143 kByte) 2008, February 4th)