Fischertechnik with GeoWorks


  Last modified:
2013 Nov, 18th

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With GeoWorks, Fischertechnik models can be controlled via a parallel port interface. This is possible with the programming language NewBASIC and a suitable component (driver) that I wrote myself.

The component works with the first computing interface from the 1980s, which was offered by Fischertechnik and connected to the PC via the printer port. The driver does not work with the more modern interfaces, which are connected via the serial interface or via a USB port.

Under NewBASIC, the component offers commands and routines for convenient control of up to 128 theoretically possible motors or for evaluating up to 256 digital and 4 analog input signals. Even commands and routines for operating the turtle model are available.

In addition to the component, the following package also contains a complete documentation and a small test program with source text. The use of the component is free of charge. You need the Universal-Installer by Rainer Bettsteller, which can be downloaded freely from his page.